Land of Confusion

Daily Prompt:

Note:This posts contains a lot of frustration, back away right now if you are already frustrated in any shape or form…or just join me in letting out some frustration with some expletives. Any way you like!



The title of this daily prompt fits perfectly…Land of confusion and for me its acres of land !
Unfortunately it’s not just one subject that makes me wanna slit my wrists, there is a whole bunch of them. First and foremost being MATHS! Uuuughh !
Just the mere thought of maths and any of its related counterparts make me want to scream and shout and let it all out (Yes I just stole Britney Spears song’s lyrics). I mean I choose medical for a reason and NOT engineering because I hated maths. But no no no, maths wasn’t ready to leave me ! Apparently we had to study Mathematics in physiotherapy as well !
giphy (1)

It doesn’t just end there, the bad news just kept coming…We had biostatistics, physics AND calculus in our course as well….I mean whattttt??? Why??? What is the use of it all in Physiotherapy? (Maybe there is some use but for now I’m in denial! )
Integration and probability in calculus and biostatistics made me cry out in frustration multiple times because I just couldn’t comprehend with my bad luck!
annasophia-robb-the-carrie-diaries-frustrated-funny (1)
Now in our 3rd semester we have biochemistry. Like studying chemistry in our 11th and 12th grade wasn’t enough? Chemistry is just not my thing. I got good grades in that subject but it does not mean I like the subject itself. Chemistry makes me wanna bang my head against the wall. Like why do we have to care about how acid base does neutralization?

Today was the worst day in the biochemistry class SO FAR. It was 3 hour class. I survived the first two hours but by the third I just blacked out…LITERALLY ! My eye lids became so heavy with sleep that I wasn’t able to keep them open and I would black out every 15 seconds.


I put my head on the desk, on my lap, between my legs, on my crossed arms and drifted off for period extending from 15-30 seconds. By the time class was over it felt like I was high. My head was spinning and I could barely get up.  Sometimes I just want to get up in between the lecture  and just do this and be thrown out of the class so I wouldn’t have to bear that torture anymore:tumblr_inline_n0ea3lrPjr1rhignx

I don’t know whether to cry or explode from anger. So for now I just tell myself:


Just don’t kill anyone !!!

I have no way to get out of this so I have to be patient and get through it all. I have to end this post on this very important note:

Fuck you all the subjects I hate !!!!! Damn You !!!

Fuck you all the subjects I hate !!!!! Damn You !!!

42 thoughts on “Land of Confusion

  1. rommel says:

    Funny graphics. You know what I hate, Algebra. I hate that you still have to find the value of x in college even after you already graduate high school. 😆 Love the just stand up during lecture bit.


  2. andy1076 says:

    I should of been the guy next two seats over with a water soaker gun to help you through with the joy of how fun the classes really are! 😉 *shoots water at your face* 😛


  3. jessannseq says:

    I can totally relate here!I’m doing engineering too and I’m just waiting for this sem to get over so I won’t have to bear with math anymore.Till 12th grade math was ok,I could solve it on my own.But once I started engineering its all greek and latin! I hate curve tracing too!It doesn’t make sense.Last sem I had triple integration 😥 As if double integration wasn’t enough!).
    I have the 75% attendance too 😦


  4. Bhakti says:

    Haha 😀
    Though I like maths ( don’t judge me please 😛 ) ,sometimes it really gets on your nerves. And even though I am pursuing engineering,we also think the same thing. Why the F would you want to integrate twice and thrice to find the area of a curve.Why not just use simple methods instead?
    And baby,you are not alone. I actually feel like walking out in the middle of the lecture. the only thing that keeps me in the class are the internal marks 😦


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Haha, Awww, Good to see the engineering students feels that way about maths as well ! 😛
      I don’t know why I just find it so frustrating, I dont get the point of it. I mean we study Anatomy or biology because that’s actually true and we can apply that to life. What the heck are we suppose to do with integration? Find area under the curve of an IMAGINARY graph :/
      And I sit through just to get my attendance because here they don’t let one sit in exams if attendance is below 75% 😐


  5. Green Embers says:

    Oh wow, it sounds like you hate some Maths! 😉

    Have you tried getting supplemental assistance on Khan Academy? They have a bunch of math related tutorials which I find so much nicer than a typical class room. It’s in English, not sure if they have other language support but it is super useful. I say give it a try, it might help and pretty sure it won’t hurt. 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      That sounds great. Thank you Brad. I’ll check it out for sure !
      But my hatred for maths will always be there no matter what, Its not that I don’t get good grades in it, I manage to pass but I still loathe it ! 😛


      • Green Embers says:

        The way I learned to like maths is when I started programming and using it in actual applications. I went… oh this maths stuff is pretty neat being able to make my little toy tank in this game I am making turn. (go Trig!).

        I feel bad because I don’t think anyone should hate maths, because that means they are fighting it too much. You need to find your maths zen. 😀


        • lifeconfusions says:

          Haha, Aww ! I’ll try to find my maths Zen..I hope its not too late !
          P.S Are you a programmer? You know computers? Wehave computer sciences this semester as well and uhem you already know what I’m gonna say, I hate it. I understand nothing of it :/


          • Green Embers says:

            I dabble in programming, wouldn’t really call me one. Awww, that’s too bad. There are other resources online that might help with trying to understand. Part of the problem with Computer Science is you have to learn a programming language and it really can be like learning a whole new language and then to add to it you have to learn the jargon and the logic.

            It helps to try and break it down into the simple bits. Take a small bit of what the professor is trying to teach and just make a simple program for just that one thing and after you understand it move on to the next.


            • lifeconfusions says:

              I don’t think we are gonna go as far as to learn programming. Its just basic Computer Sciences but for a Med Student even that is hard specially because I didn’t had computer in school. So I don’t know anything technical about all of it.

              I like your idea to search for the videos that describes it step by step. Thank you Brad ! ^_^


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