Don’t Mess With Me!

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 I’ve always been pretty confident…Though A little too much for my taste now!  As my parents tell me I was a kid who was always active without being hyper active. I knew when to stop. Having two very older brothers also helped in boasting my confidence. Being a sister never stopped them from throwing me on the bed, playing catch with me with a hardball and teaching me how to dive. Getting on the roof of the house and eating fruit there was the highlight of my childhood. I don’t remember playing with dolls in particular, I mean seriously what are you suppose to do with them? Brush their hair? Well you can do that to your own hair ! Dress them? I’d rather dress myself !

So in short I loved doing adventurous things, getting up on the trees, playing outside rather than getting my dolls married ! (Okay I do remember doing that once…I even boiled rice for the ceremony. Hey only once! Don’t judge! A girl gotta try everything! )

Lets get to the story now, I was in 10th or 11th grade then, probably 15 or 16 year old. I used to walk to tuition everyday, it was not very far, 15-20 minutes walk tops. On my way there was a water filtration plant where people would come from all around our neighborhood to fill up their bottles with filtered water. One day with my maid’s son who was about 4 years younger than me, I was on my way back home. I made my way across the filter plant when a guy with a water bottle in hand, spotted me and started singing a Bollywood song, Its lyrics went something like this:

“pretty as a picture, a colorfully dressed foppish girl: her agile eyes are a dagger.
hey, her agile eyes are a dagger; her good looks turned into a weapon.

whenever that girl comes to the window,
some dies staring at her, while some dies because they didn’t catch her glimpse.
when she used to walk through the streets, people come to see her in large number of groups”
(Stop smiling, These lyrics are not as funny when they are being sung to you on the street by a boy who has hardly passed puberty, okay? )
He kept staring at me, singing that song and that is when I realized he was actually singing that to me.
He was hardly my age. I mean HARDLY ! I decided to forgive him for this discretion initially but he kept walking alongside and most importantly kept singing (Very badly I might add) and that my dear friends pissed me off. I was about 5 steps in front of him, I turned around:
I walked up towards him, with my arms crossed on my chest,Why the hell were you singing to me?”  
He tried to act all macho and replied with stern face,“No I was not”
I said,“Yes, You were!”I honestly don’t remember what he said next to cause this next reaction from me but his face got stuck in the ‘O’ of horror as I took him by the collar,  with both hands holding his neck in place. He totally didn’t expect that from a girl. I towered over him and he felt to have shrunk. I shook him hard, “Will you sing to me again, huh???”
(And then next that happened is still a surprise to me how I didn’t just rolled right there on the road with a fit of laughter.)He started to whine, “Sorry, Please forgive me, please let me go.”giphy“Will you do this again huh, Will you?”, giving him another push by his collars.

Now he was literally begging me, He transformed from being a macho to downright a small little scared girl. “Sister, let me go.”

Oh so now you remember to call me a sister??? That part was hilarious. All it took was some shaking to make him call me a sister. Where did all of his macho-ness go?

I still had him by the collar, I looked over my shoulder at my maid’s son(who was also getting over the shock of what had just happened) , pointed with my head towards the guy and asked him “Do you know where he lives” , He shook his head in affirmative, still opened eyed in shock.

I turned my head towards the guy, looked straight in his eyes, with a raised eyebrow, “If I ever see you here again, I’ll come up to your house and beat you there and call your landlord to throw you out of the house. Do you get it?”

He was too scared to say anything by now so he just shook his head up and down, assuring me that he understood it loud and clear. I let go of his collar and he ran towards his bicycle, speeding away as fast as he could.

I turned towards my house, by now some people were standing there enjoying the show but off I went.


60 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Me!

  1. NJ says:

    ha ha 😀 hilarious 😉 though I never did that for myself 😛 but I did it once for my kid cousin when a guy came to her and started asking her name 😀 never saw that guy near us 😛 meanwhile your English translation got me thinking what the real song his and there came the google god 😀 ( next time please write Hindi version too :D)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. saadia peerzada says:

    OMG , I freaking love this post so much, i am hugging it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    But in every way you were such a courageous promoter of #GirlPower in your school days. That act was so cool, I honestly would have just kept walking or yelled some abuses or two :p
    Anddd I loved dolls when I was small, unfortunately . Looking back, I realize that I was a girlish girl with pinks and barbies but slowly became reasonable. But I never conducted a ceremony for their wedding, I just thought that dolls were cool :p
    Also, I love that bit : “I don’t remember playing with dolls in particular, I mean seriously what are you suppose to do with them? Brush their hair? Well you can do that to your own hair ! Dress them? I’d rather dress myself !”

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Pingback: B.Kaotic
  5. charlypriest says:

    O.k, o yes, you deffinately have anger issues. Hey older brothers is what we do to little sisters, and in a sense it might be beneficial for the sister, they come up to be strong women. I don´t want to mess with my sister now. So know I know the root of your anger problem…brothers(wink)

    Never played with dolls? I got the dolls from my sister and try to see what was under the clothes when. I stopped doing it about 2 months ago, so is not all that bad.

    It was an interesting story.


  6. Green Embers says:

    You don’t mess with Zee! 😀

    Gosh, that is pretty awesome. I just love reading your stories and the .GIFS just are icing on the cake. I think it is safe to say that the boy learned a lesson that day (I hope).


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hehehe, Thank you Brad. I love narrating these stories that I never thought I would be able to tell everyone let alone write about them!
      And yes I never got to see him again in that vicinity so I’ll take it as a good sign ! 😀


  7. jessannseq says:

    That is a good thing you did there Zee!I’m sure that guy must have fled for his life!Some people think they can just get away with eve-teasing.It is so annoying.


  8. Bhakti says:

    Haha.. Zee!! You actually did it? I am so proud of you. ❤
    Btw,which was that song? I was trying to back-translate it but couldn't identify 😛 😀


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