Its A Love Story….Baby Just Say…YES !

Daily Prompt: Tell us about a love story.

Yes ladies and gentleman I just used Taylor Swift’s song as this posts title, because this post is as cheesy as her songs !

Yeah, You are welcome Taylor.

Yeah, You are welcome Taylor.

Just as most of the time, This story involves me, my university and my crazy ass friends. We all are asleep most of the time in class. I don’t know there is something so good about sleeping in class. I usually fulfill my lack of sleep in university. Specially when its Anatomy’s lecture !
I don’t have anything against Anatomy, it’s the teacher ! I think he has a diploma in making people sleepy just by his mere presence….I try my best to stay awake in all of his classes.


I think I’ve expanded my eyes 2 inches by just trying to keep my eyes open all year-long in university. But when he starts talking, that is the last straw…I fall right off the bat!
giphy (1)
Just as any other day we were all sitting in class, trying our best to stay awake during one of his lectures when one of my friends said:

“I’m bored.Lets do something”.

After scanning the class for a while we locked our target. It was a our classmate sitting 2 rows in front of us. She had her hair tied up in a bun with the help of two long black Chinese sticks protruding like antenna’s out of her head. My friend decided to write her a letter. Yes a love letter my friends.

So we got on our agenda, tore out a page from our registers and got on writing. Here is first side of that letter.
535711_136764216510183_741522255_nI’ll translate it in English for you guys: (My thoughts are in italics)

Sweetheart! Today with those black sticks in your hair, you look like honey belle …………These black sticks will pierce into Zeeshu’s heart !(Zeeshu is a nickname for a guy in our class who is a total nut-case)

As William Wordsworth once said: (Which he obviously didn’t) “As your hair flew into the air, It felt like black cloud storm everywhere.”

This black storm will take Zeeshu with it. Due to your this naughtiness ‘S’ pants have stared to sag low (‘S’ is another guy in our class whose pants are always hanging low over his butt like those so-called swaggers) 

Another poet has said such beautiful words: (It’s not actually said by some great poet, it’s just some lyrics of a Bollywood song changed according to the context of this love letter) “Yours and mine, mine and yours, love story is difficult,
can’t explain it in such a small letter”

Give me a lover, give me some love, let me die with your such sweet love! (For those people who understand URDU, this is worth mentioning in Urdu as well , In Urdu the above line goes something like this: Menu yaar dy, Menu pyar dy….menu chumian day day ky maar day )

Now feeling proud of our letter, it was time to send our baby into the world. By “world” I mean pass it to the next row and tell them to pass it to their next row and pray that it gets to our classmate without getting caught. Because getting caught was NOT an option ! There was always pin drop silence in his class and If we got caught it would be detention from his class for the next five years of our lives with heavy scolding glares along with his taunts and maybe definitely a letter or two to our parents describing our unethical behavior in class. So now it was time to pray for its safe journey !
We passed it on to the next row, A wave of giggle escaped from that whole row after reading that letter and we were holding our poop breathe glued to our seats with eyes focused on that letter so it doesn’t get lost somewhere in the hands of people.We nudged them to pass it to on the next row to our classmate. The letter got to her safe and sound, she and her friends after reading it looked back at us with a smile that could have meant only one thing “You guys are so dead”.

yo dead gif

We sat their with innocent smiles on our faces and puppy dog eyes and ran from the class as soon as lecture time was over!

37 thoughts on “Its A Love Story….Baby Just Say…YES !

  1. andy1076 says:

    A teacher who uses chopsticks in her hair to receive signals from what you are all thinking, plus poetry and philosophical note passing to getting yourselves in trouble with giggles…

    THAT’S so you! 😛


  2. Green Embers says:

    Oh my, that is awesome! I am skipping today’s Daily Prompt because I thought it was too depressing but you made it awesome! Ahaha, it sounds like the look on her face after reading the note was a perfect “Kodak moment” 😆


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hahaha, Thank you Ember. Yeah I can never forget her expressions. She turned her back towards us and gave us a smile that said it all, hah ! 😀
      And It took me a while to think what to write for today’s prompt but in the end I went with this story because I didn’t really had any other story to share.


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