Food Food Food

Daily Prompt

Please don’t kill me for saying this but I don’t really like desserts. I’ve never been into sweets or candies. I don’t have sweet tooth. But boy do I like food !


I won’t say I’m a great food critic or something but I do like to eat good food. I eat EVERYTHING. Anything good finds its way into my stomach !


Β Offer me anything good and I’ll eat in no questions asked!


Although I don’t have a most friendly policy for sharing. Oh sorry you were asking for some of my food?

Oops I didn't hear you there!

Oops I didn’t quiet hear you there!

If I don’t get what I want to eat, this is what happens:

Sorry that I'm not sorry

Sorry but I’m not sorry

Someone tries to steal my food??? *Cough* *Andy* *Cough* !


31 thoughts on “Food Food Food

  1. psychosomaticallyinlove says:

    Ha ha. Funny post. πŸ™‚ I love food, too! With me I have to alternate: slaty, umami, salty, garlicy, SWEET!, salty, umami, italian (italian = garlicky, tomatoey, basilley, parmigianey), salty, SWEET! and so on and so forth…. πŸ™‚


A chocolate bar for your thoughts?!

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