You And I

Daily Prompt: Tell us the origin story of your best friend. How did you become friends? What is it that keeps your friendship rockin’ after all these years?


My best friend ‘S’ and I still laugh about that time we met for the first time. That was first and the last time we’d ever fight !
We were in fifth grade and she was the newcomer in our class. I didn’t really notice her the first time, just went about with my other friends. One day in recess, I was standing near my chair with my geometry box on the chair’s arm rest. She passed knocking my geometer off the chair. I glared at her, I said something about “Look where you are going”, she said “I didn’t knock it over” , I replied: “Yes you did” . We glared at each other some more with angry face and then went about doing whatever we were doing separately. After that we met some more, got to know each other better and since then we have been best friends!
we exchanged an argument that lasted barely 30 seconds but I’ll always remember it. ‘S’ refuses to acknowledge this, she says she doesn’t remember anything like this happening because she doesn’t fight randomly with strangers ! Me and my other friends who were present as a witness there, are still trying to remind her that this actually happened…well someday she’ll admit this…

We have managed to stay besties for such a long period of time, mainly because we understand each other in almost every sense. We know when to compromise for each other, give the other a benefit of doubt and more importantly space.
My fiery personality and her calm personality complement each other really well. I love her and she loves me, its enough for us!

We went out to eat yesterday:


61 thoughts on “You And I

  1. randomlyabstract says:

    Aww. Wonderful how some fights or random meet-ups help creating such strong bonds for lifetime!
    I like your def of best friends: they know when to compromise fr each other n give each other their space.
    Oh n it will be unfair if I don’t tell you hw much I loved the photo at the end! =D

    Liked by 1 person

    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah I thought it was time for a change, Although I’m not too sure about it, because it is a bit gloomy considering my previous background was very colorful.
      Thank you for noticing and the comment Sean 🙂


      • Sean Smithson says:

        Always. And actually, now that you’ve mentioned it, whilst I do like the look, it does seem a little dark when compared to your bubbly online personality?

        But don’t listen to me. I was recently told my background, logo and tagline were all terrible!! Ha. So I changed everything. Hopefully for the better.


        • lifeconfusions says:

          Oh my God and here I was thinking my internet was not working properly that is why I can’t see your logo, tagline etc but In fact you changed it !
          Who gave you this idea Sean, give me the name and I’ll apprehend that person to FBI myself…or straight up shoot him/her !

          Can I be honest Please? Your blog looks bare now, I mean before it looked like YOUR blog but now it could be just anybody’s. Before it had lot of options where we could browse through….It was way more interesting to look at…I don’t know how to explain it…I seriously, in all honesty thought that my internet was slow that’s why I can’t see your blog properly….

          And about my theme, I do get what you are saying but the problem is I have changed as a person although I do maintain, as you said a bubbly personality but I just don’t feel it in my bones. I would like some color on my blog though but I don’t know how I would incorporate it in this theme….so I am confused.


          • Sean Smithson says:

            Haha, really?

            All I did was remove the phone boxes in the background and the ‘Office Inbetweener’ logo? I actually agree with the person who made the comment. And so do most people actually haha Also, it made the site very slow on phones/tablets, etc.

            I’m confused about the options for you to browse through though? Everything else has remained the same, no? I actually really like the sparse look though actually. As to me it feels more like a newspaper now. As they say though, you’re never going to please everyone. So long as you continue to stop by, I’m happy!

            I hear what you’re saying re your own theme. And all I can say is, you’ll get there eventually. Though I’ll probably change my again after what you’ve just said!


            • lifeconfusions says:

              By browsing I meant the options you had on either side of the blog, We can’t see it when we open like the main blog But I just noticed if I click open any of your post all of it shows up. So yaeyy about that ! 😀

              And you described it exactly right, which I wasn’t able to do…it looks like a newspaper now. It doesn’t matter what your layout or theme is of course I’ll always be visiting to read your awesome posts 😉

              I’m sorry If I made you doubt, its just that I was genuinely surprised…! If you are happy, I’m happy with it as well ! 🙂 It is YOUR blog after all 🙂


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