The Heat Is On

Daily Prompt: Tell us how you work best.

I’m an Aries and Aries are natural-born leaders ! You get the point? Yes? No? I need to explain some more.
Yes, quiet right. But that doesn’t mean I’m a sore loser. I handle loosing quiet well. Although I have a huge temper problem which is not by any means related to losing and I’m not proud of it. Sometimes I think I need anger management class. With time I’ve tried to improve myself, I used to get all red and hot and would totally lose it at times but now the urge to bite people’s head off occurs less often.

And it’s not always my fault either. People have a habit of pushing my buttons more often than I’d like. But I’m practicing self-control.

So I as I mentioned before I NEED to lead, It’s just the way I am. And I am quiet good at it. Ask anyone, okay?

I listen to everybody’s opinion, organize the tasks…yes I can be a little emotional at times. I get too attached to a certain project and see to end of it that it gets completed. But hey projects are meant to be completed. Don’t worry I’m not a control freak. I’m a lazy ass freak. I only work when somebody’s got a hammer on my head. I need some inspiration to work or otherwise I’ll be on my couch eating popcorn and watching the new episode of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

I read somewhere that if ‘Aries’ was a drug, it would be CRYSTAL METH. *Cough* But only because they increase your energy and alertness and have a lot of it to dole out. It makes us impulsive and impatient, with which I tend to agree.

So the question of the day is:

P.S if any of you are Aries out there, this is for you:

38 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

  1. Gaurab says:

    Nice post. I really liked the “self control” meme…these sun signs help many of us to justify ourselves and things we do. I’m part of this bandwagon who think I’m like this…it’s because I’m Virgo. 🙂 😀


  2. Harsha says:

    Oh Yes I m sure when u r angry you look like a Red Tomato…. 😛
    And I surely would love to make you red tomato anytime…. 😛
    BTW Self Control is an attribute thats need to be developed and I m sure will do ur best in that…
    And How are u and Hows ur Exam?


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Ooo my Goooossshh, Ye aj chand kahan sy nikal aya? Aj kya kayamat a gae jo Harsha Bhuiyan ny yahan ka rukh kia ??!! How are you man?? I didn’t know you were back!!! O_O

      And in the celebration of you being back I’ll let you make me red tomato just this once ! 😛

      I’m good by the way, exams went well. I’m officially on to the second year. First year is a history at last ! 🙂

      How have you been? where have you been? Tell me everything. because You sir have got a lot of explaining to do.

      Oh and I’m mad at you ! -_-


      • Harsha says:

        Oh Dear Dear so many question…First of all it is Harsha Bhuyan nt bhuiyan.. 😉
        And I m nt back yet the comment was just to remind u that I m still breathing.. 😉
        And I m fine…Actually the transition frm an Engineer to A Banker has taken all my tym… 😛

        It is good to knw that u did well in exam…

        And explanation oh yes ask me and I will explain u everything and btw why r u mad at me?

        Kabhi ek baar mera haal to puch liya hota,ya mere blog pe ek comment hi chod deti… 😦
        Dosti ki aur bhul gaye,humne to phir bhi aapka khabar liya… 🙂


  3. Green Embers says:

    Ahh, yes anger issues. I am the kind to silently take it until someone just presses me too far, then I explode. I think it’s my red hair, lol. Alas, I am a Cancer but I’ll let you lead me into battle (although I don’t have hammers). Thanks for writing this, love the images, perfect for your message. 😀


    • lifeconfusions says:

      HAHA, that is the worst kind of anger I’ve heard, you know where the person explodes 😛 Definitely its because of the red hair, there is a reason why they are red after all ! 😀

      And Don’t worry if you don’t have hammer, I’ll provide you with a spear ! You’ll be the second in command, first being me you know! 😀

      Thank YOU so much for reading Ember, I love your comments 🙂


      • Green Embers says:

        Hahaha, you are most welcome.

        And thank you so much for being the highlight of my mornings now. It has started to become my routine, come to work, do reports, sneak some WordPress time in and check what lifeconfusion is up to 🙂

        Cool, a spear! I hope I don’t poke my eye out! 😆


        • lifeconfusions says:

          Awww, Oh my God, Can I just say that is like one of the most sweetest thing someone has ever said to me. You just made my day, or should I say night because Its 10 pm here 😉

          Thank You for taking your precious little office break to spread your colors on my posts 🙂
          And don’t worry about poking your eye, I’ll provide you with a Head Gear as well, with a Feather on top ! 😀


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