In My City…

Daily Prompt: We Built This City


Wah Cantonment  is a military city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, 30 km to the north west of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Wah Cantt is adjacent to Taxila, a small town enriched with one of the most important archaeological sites of the world. The name ‘Wah’ has its roots in the Mughal era with the Mughal emperor Jehangir reported to have coined the name when his army was stationed here en route from a mission. Emperor Jehangir was impressed by the scenery of this place, so he said “Wah” (‘wow’) and this place was named ‘Wah’ after that exclamation.
It is said that Mughal emperor Jehangir’s army was coming back from a campaign in Kashmir, it was evening time, and they were tired and looking for a place to stay. After a little search they were successful in finding a place with a natural source of water. As soon as the Mughal King watched the natural beauty of the spring and surrounding mountains, he loudly exclaimed ”Wah!”. His words were written on the stone of history. Since that day, this territory is called Wah.
Literacy rate is approximately 96%. It was given the title of “THE ISLAND OF EXCELLENCE” by Pakistan’s former Prime Minister because of its 120 educational institutes serving over 50,000 students . (Source: Wikipedia)

So now enough of the introduction, Here is a look into my city Wah Cantt, Pakistan.  Click on to view the photos enlarged.

I gathered up as many photos as I could but this is not the end of it, there is a lot more that I wasn’t able to show through photos. Better luck next time I guess.  So what do you think about my city?

(Photo Credits: Google Images)

65 thoughts on “In My City…

    • lifeconfusions says:

      Awh Thank you so much, It was my pleasure to give a sneak peak into my country. I’ll share more photos with time ! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Would love to see some photos from your part of the world too if you ever decide to share 🙂


  1. Akhiz says:

    My mother lived in Wah in her childhood days for 4,5 years and she still tells us how beautiful ,green and peaceful this city is, there is that nostalgic feeling in her voice when she describes it that there used to be a garden in front of almost every house in Wah,i have never been to Wah but i wish to definitely see it one day Godwilling 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Oh she is right, it’s so lush and green. But it’s pretty basic compared to big cities I have to admit. It’s very calm and peaceful ! Do visit it someday . There isn’t much to see and do but still a good place to relax 🙂


  2. trablog says:

    Whoa!! amazing pictures, but disappointed seeing photo courtesy. But the proximity to taxila makes it more whaah!
    Anyway Smart choice for the daily prompt 😀 You can edit the post like me, if you don’t want to reblog 😉


  3. charlypriest says:

    The city is beautiful and the story behind it fascinating.
    He said wah another guy said Eureka but they didn´t build a city after his scream.

    I may even try it, although I see you have to have military support which I can still make a few phone calls I´ll end up in some strange part of Spain and yell “Stay Frosty!”let´s see what happens. I might get stoned to death if I don´t have enough fire power on my side.

    Liked by 1 person

          • charlypriest says:

            Delay for the second time, nothing only 6 days in the cool hospital. I do need saving….. leave your husband! And come with me! I have two cool dogs that fart all the time, that should be enough to enchant you. Plus I´m a good cook.
            Recipe: boiled water, hand full of spaghettis, boil for 15 minutes, drain them, add ketchup, add tuna fish, then add slices of cheese.
            You can´t say no to that.


            • lifeconfusions says:

              Hahaha, Husband??? I’m about to turn 19 this April, I’m not much into teenage love !
              But after a while I might take you up on that offer, though don’t hold up for me, you might just a find a girl who likes farting dogs and your spaghetti’s ! 😉
              P.S thanks for the recipe, Although some spices would be nice ! >:D


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Thank you Ember, it IS our own little heaven. I won’t say it rains a LOT but it does rain, actually it is raining RIGHT NOW, what a co-incidence !
      Pakistan as a whole is very green, our national flag is green as well, Take a hint?! 😉 😀


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