Remembering You…

Daily Prompt: Always Something There to Remind Me

A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.


The very first song that popped in my head after reading this prompt is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz. I used to sing this song to my once best friend. We are still friends but we are just not the same. I miss her. This song is a testament to how much I loved her and I still do but we have changed.
This song reminds me of good times I spent with her. We used to study in the same tuition center as well as in the same class in school.  We would always get some free time at the end of the day in tuition, so she and I would sit, talking about everything, ranging from family shit to personal shit and everything in between. I still remember standing in the balcony one night, waiting for our parents to pick us up, we were looking at the stars and peeking in other people houses and doing crazy things. I sang to her this song and we slow danced, goofing around. We always used to do that, it was kind of our inside joke.

We were really really close in school. Then we parted ways as we went to different colleges for 11th and 12th grade. We still kept in touch. But something changed within her. I’m not saying I’m picture perfect of course it takes two to tango. But I tried my best to hold on to her. My college days were not that good, they were practically the two worst years of my life. I made friends but we weren’t really on the same page, it was just for the sake of not having to spent two years alone.  I remember one day I came back home and for the first time in my life I was missing someone. I missed my best friend terribly. I cried and cried. Never before in my life have I ever missed someone. That was something new for me. She was fast to make friends in her new college. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty good with making friends as well and I did make friends but I didn’t find someone who I could connect with on a deeper level. So She had pretty good time and I’m happy that she found people where she felt belonged. Me on the other hand was one big mess. I couldn’t wait for college to be over.

Now that I think about where we went wrong, its because she started keeping secrets from me. When I make friends I don’t expect them to tell me every single secrets of there’s. Maybe its because I don’t tell people mine. I keep things to myself so same way I respect other people’s privacy the way I want them to respect mine. But I don’t like being lied to. If you don’t want to tell me stuff, Don’t ! Just simply tell me on my face that you don’t want to tell me. But don’t lie to me. And this is exactly what happened. When I would ask her about something, she would deny it or withhold the information that she thought I didn’t know. But I knew everything from my other friend. Call me crazy but it hurt me that she would tell some other person about something and not me but the WORST PART was that she was lying about it to me, It hurt me very deeply because she was suppose to be my best friend.

I tried for a while, I gave her multiple chances, I held on but then it was time to let go of her. The time I spent with her was one of the best memories I’ll ever have in my heart and in my mind. I still miss our old friendship, I miss her terribly at times. It was hard letting go but I had to do it to save myself from getting more hurt.

We still call each other best friends…but I know and she knows in our hearts…that they are just…mere words.

25 thoughts on “Remembering You…

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    It’s never easy to let go of someone that was so close with you. Then it becomes awkward when both friends pretend that everything is ok, when it’s not. I’m sorry to hear about your lost friendship. 😦


  2. jessannseq says:

    That is really sad Zee. My best friend and I went through that phase when we entered college.Until then we had been in the same school for 12 yrs.It was difficult to even talk to each other without fighting 😦 So we decided to give each other space,didn’t speak much for a yr.At the end we both realized how terribly we missed the other and no matter how many new friends we make,nothing can change between us.I know exactly how you feel about this. 😦


  3. andy1076 says:

    It’s difficult, I lost all of the people I used to call friends back in High School, everyone literally moved on with their lives and our getting together became literally none, gets lonely i know :S


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