Playing it out !

Daily Prompt: Playtime
Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

USED to play daily when I was younger but as I got older I got busier with my studies so playtime became just a heavenly dream for me which I pray to get time for. I’m a very athletic person, Don’t be fooled by my superficial physique ! I may be thin but I’m very strong. Since I can remember I used to wrestle with my dad and two older brothers. I was always too much involved in sports. Half Tomboy you may say.
My wrestling sessions with my dad are the most memorable ones. He taught me a lot of moves. I used to play cricket with my brothers all the time , playing catch with them and they running after me for a kiss and me trying to get out of their embrace playfully.

My first real sport was Badminton. I was a Regional Champion in my school days. My dad was and still IS my coach. I played Volley ball as well. I was captain of my school volleyball team and a vice captain of badminton. I was a part of Table tennis team as well.( Yes I played all of it at the same time.)

In college I was studying Pre-med thus I didn’t get any time at all for sports for two years, It was all study, study and study…

Now in university I get to play sometimes, as we have ‘table tennis’ table in one of the rooms at all times so whenever I get free time I play it with one of my class mates.


Yup that’s me playing table tennis!

We have Sports Gala every year in which MBBS, NURSING and now DPT(Doctor of Physiotherapy) departments go against each other. I won the badminton matches against the players from both departments. I came first.

I was part of the Volley ball and Basket ball team as well…I had to play all of the matches in one day. And let me tell you after I went back home, I could barely lift my leg, let alone walk. (As I had played after about two years gap, my muscles were not warmed up! )

So in short I love to play. I don’t miss a chance to play whether it’s a team of guys or gals, I don’t mind as long as I’m on the winning team (just kidding…or am I?)

Me striking a pose on tennis table :D

Me striking a pose on tennis table 😀



71 thoughts on “Playing it out !

  1. Harsha says:

    Half that is new kind of Genre for me.. 😛
    And Worry not Play as much as you can as Your a Physiotherapist… 😀

    Aur BTW the last Pic pose dete hue aachi lagi rahi ho..Bas Jo Photo le raha tha usne tumhara Muh ko cover karna bhool gaya.. 😛
    And You are Multi-Talented,pretty good.. 😀


  2. andy1076 says:

    That looks like a pose ready to win the game heh! 🙂 I played badminton too back in school, still got my rackets too though the strings could probably use more tightening again. 😀


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Haha…we are so used to wearing the white coat now, it has become a part of us. Its just one of the perks of being in med-school 😛

      And Thank you Arindam !!! 🙂
      But I do think buhat sary log buhat sari sports khail sakty hen ek saath. I’m not the exception, Am I?


          • Arindam Saha says:

            🙂 Yaar ek baat to hai… Blog pe jitne Pakistani mile… un sabki ‘roman script mein hindi/urdu’ likhne ka tareeka indians se alag hota hai… For example…

            “men shakal sy padhaku lagti hun….but hun nae”

            would be written here as

            “main shakal se padhaku lagti hoon… but hoon nahin”

            I really wonder… yeh difference kahan se aataa hai…

            Anyways… Aapne shakal dikhaai hi kahan jo decide kar paaun… 😛 😉

            Hahaha… I tried… and failed… But if you say I can try again… 🙂


            • lifeconfusions says:

              Hahaha…May I say men jitny bhe Indians sy personally ya wordpress py mili hun they all pronounce “Manzoor” as “MANJOOR” & Nazar as “NAJAR”
              Why is it so? 😀

              And men apko bata jo rahe hun, haha, people say that I LOOK very parhaku, but actually I am not…ok maybe a little…but not that much! 😀

              And you are welcome to try’ll love it if you are into sports…wesy all the guys ARE in sports, so you’ll be as well I guess 🙂


              • Arindam Saha says:

                Actually… ‘z’ does not exist in pure hindi… it is incorporated from urdu… Thats why ‘z’ becomes ‘j’ in common usage… although it is wrong… (Same is the case with ‘f’ and ‘ph’) 🙂

                Matlab aap bahut padhakoo hain… PERIOD 😀 😉


                • lifeconfusions says:

                  Oooh I see…but you guys can pronounce ‘Z’ , right?
                  I mean I understand ky hindi men exist nahe krta but men wesy he pooch ri hun ky Z hindi language me nahe hy to ap prounce he nae kr sakty ya wesy he J ka sound niklta hy?

                  And ”f” and ‘Ph’ ky sound to english men bhe bachpan me sikahty thy humen you know, a,b,c parhty waqt… hehehe 😛

                  And nahe, thats the point parhaku hun nae,,,bus lagti hun 😀 but chalen ab ap itna insist kar rahy hen to……. 😀


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