Its All About The Game

Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game
You’re set to play poker (or Scrabble or something else . . .) with a group of four. Write a story set during this game. Or, describe the ideal match: the players, the relationships — and the hidden rivalries.
When I read today’s daily prompt, It instantly reminded me of the game of Ludo I played with my two best friends back in February. If any of you don’t know what Ludo is; it is a type of board game which is played by four people maximum and two minimum, in which the players race their token from start to the finish line according to dice rolls, during which you kill each other’s token by sending them back to the starting line where one can only start again when the dice rolls 6.

Any one who has ever played Ludo knows that it can get frustrating for the one who is losing while a celebration for the one who is winning and interesting for anyone who is watching the game being played.
So my story goes something like this:
My two best friends ‘S’ and ‘H’ came to my house one day, we were getting bored so we decided to play Ludo. As usual when friends play anything their is ‘A Bet’ involved. Our bet was, for whoever will lose will bring a chocolate cake on their next visit.

We started the game, with my friend ‘H’ taking the Blue token, me as Red and my friend ‘S’ as Green. One of the rules is “Kill Or Get Killed” , you have to kill each other tokens and send them home which will slow them down as they will have to start again by rolling 6 number on the dice. They are usually 4 tokens for each player, whoever takes all of their four tokens to the finish line first wins.

Me and my friend ‘H’ were very brutal in killing each other’s tokens, Specially my friend ‘S’ tokens as when she would ALMOST reach the finish line, we would kill her before she had a chance to cross it. For a while this kept happening, we were killing ‘S’ constantly and then she started whining with the emotional black mailing that “How could you guys do this to your own friend. Have some mercy. I hate you guys” . Oh man, how much ‘H’ and I enjoyed ‘S’ whining. If thats called being evil then I’m guilty as charged !

My friend ‘H’ won with all four of her tokens crossing the finish line first so she was out of the danger of bringing us the chocolate cake. Now the danger loomed on me and ‘S’. Who is going to lose and bring the ever delicious chocolate cake, was the question on all of our minds.
There came a point where both of us had only two tokens left. Two reds and two greens, as you can see in the photograph.Image

Now the game was in full motion. Both of us were focused, ‘S’ still blackmailing me not to kill her anymore and me not heeding to her pleadings. After all a chocolate cake was on the line !

Then came the most crucial moment in the history of Ludo games, the most nail biting moment ever, a moment which could easily make a spectator bite their whole finger off in anticipation. We both ended up on the last block before the finish line somehow.
Thanks to my friend ‘H’, she captured every moment which led to the epic finale. Here’s that moment where me and S were stuck on the very last block.

Now whoever got the dice to roll ‘1’ first was going to win. My heart was beating furiously and I could hear its thumping ‘Dum Dum’ in my ears. For about 5 minutes we kept rolling the dice turn by turn but 1 refused to come !
Then I rolled the dice and there it was………!!!!!!! That magical number 1!!! 

Wooohooooo….!!! I won !!! (Okay not really won but didn’t lose either, so that is a victory on its own, right?! )
The look on ‘S’ face was priceless when she realized she was the one to bring chocolate cake for us to devour. *Epic*

This glorious event took place on February 2013, now its November 2013, Ten months have passed but we are still waiting for that chocolate cake….to this day…but that cake…hasn’t come yet… *silently cries from the inside*

18 thoughts on “Its All About The Game

  1. shetall says:

    Girl you catched my thought…Trust me, I was about to write with on this with my favorite game ludo haha nevertheless I will try thinking about something else then.. kudo’s to your writing skills . Have a good day:)


  2. Harsha says:

    Oh My God..I am glad I was not the Spectator or else I would have lose my Finger..
    :-P,And Sheen I know u pretty well,you are really Hungry for the Chocolate Cake even after 9 months.. 😉

    BTW Even the Snake game is pretty interesting.. 😀
    Try playing with strangers it will be more fun,I used to do that while I traveled by train back in my Engg. days.. 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Haha…yeah you’d be one finger less ! 😀
      And you bet I am, I earned that chocolate cook after all 😛

      P.S Yeah that snake game is good as well, And ummm I don’t know about that stranger thing though 😛


  3. rommel says:

    Sux! I never really get to play this verbatim. Nobody knew how to actually play it. Didn’t know it’s a very strategic game. That is way better than Yahtzee.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Its not AS strategic as you might think but yeah some part of it is, mostly its luck. What dice rolls you have to roll with it!
      Its quite an easy game, fun to play with family and friends ! 🙂


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