The Real Me

Daily Prompt: Intense!

Describe the last time you were surprised by the intensity of a feeling you had about something, or were surprised at how strongly you reacted to something you thought wouldn’t be a big deal.
The other day I was goofing around with my friends, we are seven in number, quite a large group we have, yeah I know!
Along the way, just between the lines, playfully, between cracking jokes one of my very good friend said that I’m a little clever (She meant that NOT in a good way). I was a little taken aback by her revelation.

I obviously ignored it superficially but it was on my mind all day long, it still is and I think it always will be. She is kind of one of my best friends from that group and for her to think of me like that was a surprise (and not a good one!). I’ve to admit it did hurt me deeply. I’as really surprised by how intense I felt about it.

It is true to some extent that friends can tell you things that you may miss in your personality. They can help you to be a better person. They can help you to improve yourself.
But it is a fact as well that, who knows you better than yourself??? No matter how close the other person is to you, they can’t know you better than yourself. If you look a little closely, dig a little deeper within yourself you’ll see the real you. You’ll see who you really are. No matter what others say, you know yourself better than others.

I’ve always wondered this all my life, Why do people always fail to see the Real Me? Yes I admit I can be a little quite at times, I don’t express my feelings that vigorously, my words are sometimes not that explainable and my actions are not that understandable but they are always with a good intent in my heart. That doesn’t give anybody a right to judge me. Does it?

Nobody in my life has ever been able to see the Real Me, Except maybe my dad to some extent and my best friend ‘S’. But why do other people fail to see the real me???
Yes I can “seem” to be a little distant at times, I can “seem” to come out as being cold but why don’t they look around that exterior and see ME. The compassionate, kind and a very sensitive Me.

The Me who cries about as little thing as seeing a frail boy selling flowers on the road. The Me who cries on watching a beautiful scenery. The Me who cries when somebody calls her selfish.

The Me who cares about showing kindness. The Me who cares about their every problem. The Me whose heart aches for when I see them suffering. The Me who cries for them in the dark.

The Me who may not show them how much I love them but really care for them deep down in my heart.


Is it so much to ask to see the real me? Is it that hard?


I’ve come to a conclusion though, It is always going to hurt me when people will judge me, when people will fail to see the real me. But I can’t really do anything about it.
What matters is that I’m happy with who I am. I’m glad that when I look inside myself I see a good person. I see exactly the person I wanna be.

I guess that gives me hope. Maybe someday, someone will come along who will see me for who I am. Take a one look at me and understand all the things unsaid.

But that day, that someone has not come yet. That day is not today. Today I’ll be hurting…


41 thoughts on “The Real Me

  1. trentpmcd says:

    i think we all struggle with the world not seeing the real us. For those of us on the quiet side, it’s even worse. As they say, still waters run deep. The world expects us to be all visible on the surface, to loudly proclaim our identity. The important thing is that you know who you are and that you like that person.

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  2. Yasmeen Baloch says:

    Make a rule::
    IF others encourage you so take it as your energy and if they discourage you so take it as your success ….
    People who feel jealous from you,accept them with love because they are the ones who think they are better than you !
    And all over tum tho ek buhut sweet fellow ho ,,,,,,
    Juxt chill yar
    love u 🙂 😉


  3. Becki Duckworth says:

    Very good post. A subject many of us, including myself have struggled with. For over 30 years I never wanted anyone to know the real me. I projected an appearance that all was ok. I knew the moment I decided to talk about myself friends would run for the hills. That is exactly what happened.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hmmm, well I guess all of us are afraid to show ourself or maybe a part of ourself to people at times because of the fear of judgment most of the time. And it doesn’t matter that your friends ran, look where you are standing today. With your head high and proud 🙂


  4. charlypriest says:

    Sometimes people have trouble finding themselves, knowing who you are what you want doesn´t come easy for some people. People will normally see what you project on to them, what you want them to see. If you REALLY know who you are, you should be happy. It took me up to age 20 to really accept myself for who I was(Once that was done i adopted the attitude and still have it of not giving a fuck about what others might think badly about me), but I have evolved as a person I´m 31 now, so I´m still learning things about myself and that´s good. Maybe this last part is not really true, I can´t come up with an example that will startle me and make me rethink changing my personality, but yes, learning new things like this social media-blogging, learning to not put myself in unhealthy situations as much as I did…learning, evolving.
    By the way, you seem like a nice girl, and I´m sure there a lot of candidates out there for you but you´re still young so let time pass I´m sure you´ll find your prince charming.
    Stay Frosty beautiful


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah I think I’m happy with my self. With who I am internally. Yes some things need to be improved but I’ll learn that with time. Nobody’s perfect.
      And its hard not to give a damn. I mean yes I can IGNORE the stuff, I can forgive but the thing is I cant FORGET. It effects me.Maybe some day I’ll get there where I don’t give a damn but that day is not today or tomorrow or in any near future I think.
      As you said so yourself Learning to evolve, everybody should do that, without it, it is hard to survive.
      And Thank you so much Charly, coming from you it’s great to hear ! 🙂


  5. girlychristina says:

    I think we have an idea of what we are, however when a friend tells you something about yourself, we really investigate it. Am I really what so and so said? Sometimes it’s something we never realized about ourselves and sometimes it’s something we do not agree with! Is there any way you can ask your friend why she thought that way about you? This way you can get some clarification. =)

    Either way, it can be used as a way of constructive criticism and can be taken lightly because you already know who you truly are ❤


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah you are right, but I do believe that at the end of the day, if you look for the answer within yourself you’ll know. As I said so before, Nobody knows you better than yourself. People can’t peek inside your heart but yourself.
      But your point is valid as well, I’ll think about it. Thank you so much Christina 🙂 ❤


  6. Annmarie says:

    Even though I don’t know you in person, I feel as I have gotten to know you through your posts, and I see a girl who is very loving and kind, and has a gigantic heart!! Yes I got all of that from the posts you write! So maybe that day has come, that someone like me, did see you for the person you TRULY are! and maybe that day is today….So please smile and have a wonderful day, You are a lovely, wonderful, amazing person, and I am sure I am not the only one who see’s it!!! : )


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Awww, Ann you kindness is always heartwarming! ❤
      Thank you so much for the nice words, You are already making me feel so much better. Its people like you who keeps me going and make me strive to be a better person to be honest so Thanks again.
      I'm smiling now, same to you ! 🙂


  7. Harsha says:

    It really doesn’t matter as long as you know about yourself,Sometimes what others say about us may be deceiving but not our Inner Voice,You know even I am not that good in showing my emotions and feelings so everyone thinks that I am kind of more practical in life..But that’s there perception and I am happy that I know myself quite well.. 😀


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Hmmm, right..I Agree with you! 🙂
      Not everything and everyone is what they seem, thats the whole point, you have to dig deeper to know a person completely. I hate it when people judge but I guess its a part of life.
      Thanks for the words! 🙂


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