The Beggining of my next five years

Daily Prompt: First!

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.
My first day to university is the most memorable to me because I met some absolutely crazy ass people which immediately became my friends. If you take a one look at us and see all the crazy shit we go about doing around the whole university, you would never guess us as “Mature Med-Students”. We are like 10 years olds trapped in the body of 18-20 years old.

I didn’t really know or met anyone on my orientation day. It was the day after when I met all my 6 friends. I met my 7th friend after two weeks because she took admission a little late.

So the first day we introduced ourselves to each other. All of us hit it off immediately. It didn’t take us a lot of time to start doing crazy shit together.

We skidded on the tiled floor, holding each others hand, some of us fell and some failed miserably to skid taking others down with them.

Our first party was a birthday party of one of my friends. We had a pizza and coke.

One time we broke the bathroom tap while goofing around with each other by holding shut the bathroom door from the outside while one of us was inside the bathroom. One of my friends was making a lot of noise and banging on the door madly, unfortunately she banged a little too hard and it somehow broke the tap in the wall which soaked my friend and flooded the bathroom. That was Epic.

Then there was Playing Pinball on the multimedia on which we are given lectures. Haha. That was fun. Our teacher went out of the class and there we were playing Pinball on the multimedia in front of the whole class.

We talk a lot but there is nothing more fun than trying to have a silent conversation in the library. One time me and my friend were studying there when she saw some funny looking guy sitting behind her. She pointed him to me but I couldn’t see him so she described him to me by drawing him on a page. (Huge headphones and big round glasses on a slim face with a goatee)

We never miss a chance to take silly pictures. This is us in our anatomy lab with a dummy.

Then there was our first time on roof. It was the end of February, winters, weather was cold and wet. We went to the roof and took a lot of crazy pictures. 


But all of this is just the beginning of the next five years of my life. I have awesome friends who keep on making my time special. So Cheers to the future !



11 thoughts on “The Beggining of my next five years

  1. rommel says:

    You didn’t just take us to your young student life. You took us back to our time there too. What crazy memories we all had. Those truly are the days we all feel free, unattached, and much to discover.


  2. Harsha says:

    Wow..You Dance Also 😀
    and You Guys are really Crazy..Indeed this is the time to enjoy with ur friends so enjoy them to your fullest.. :D..No If no Buts Just Enjoy ur heart out..


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