The Whole Story

Okay so I’ve been blogging for One month, fifteen days and fourteen hours now. But hey, who’s counting??? Pufft !

I remember the very moment when I decided to start a blog and let me tell you, It was a one second decision. Seriously !
I was really really upset that day and my inability to express myself was frustrating me to my breaking point. I wanted NEEDED someone to talk to badly but obviously I didn’t had someone.

I was in my bathroom crying, I came out into my room and suddenly I stood still . It was like my world stopped for a second. And something in my head said to start a blog. (Believe me, NEVER before in my life did I ever had a thought about blogging. Or even reading any other blog for that matter). I don’t know from where or why or how that though popped into my head. But I’m so glad it did !

It was like in one moment, the idea of a blog was swimming around in my head and in the other moment I was sitting on my laptop surfing on Google, “How to start a blog?”
Many options came in front of me in Google search engine, WordPress caught my eye immediately as it was quite easy to start a blog here. All the other sites were a little complicated for my standard.

I filled in the necessary information and Violaaaaa, A new wordpress blog was added to a list of million other wordpress blogs!!!

Then there was a difficult task of choosing the blog name, a lot of ideas and names were floating around in my head. Some were already taken by other fellow bloggers while some were not that good. This blog was created on a very confusing time in my life. When I was confused and upset about a lot of things and I needed an outlet.
Thus the name LifeConfusions came into being.

Sooo, here I am today…still a little confused about somethings about which I write occasionally, among other things.
But most importantly, I never imagined the amount of love and support I got from here. Not in a million years I would have thought that I would find such amazing friends in the form of fellow bloggers here. They make me feel loved.
When I come home after a long hard day, I can’t wait to open up my account and read your comments and read about my fellow bloggers day. I can’t help but take a sneak peak at my stats. Sometimes they are a little disappointing but most of the time they make me proud. Well it comes and goes but ultimately I feel happy that I’m communicating with such amazing people who I may never meet in real life but they have become such a vital part of mine.

You must be wondering why I’m talking about all this, the whole story and you guys. I just reached 201 followers today and I felt it was important to thank you guys and maybe tell you the story of how and why I started this blog(which you obviously didn’t ask for…but oh well )

Also I think its time to update my Who Am I page, so here is its updated version.

Love you all ! ❤
Have a great day 🙂

35 thoughts on “The Whole Story

  1. charlypriest says:

    I guess we all have to thank your bathroom for giving you the inspiration. Some people use them to…you know what, others get great ideas while their doing…you know what(like me by the way). So go bathroom go! So YOU don´t go anywhere and keep up this cool and beautiful blog, visit it more often, the bathroom that is.


  2. rommel says:

    More rewards to follow from blogging. It really is an amazing outlet for personal to creative juices to making chronicles and reflections of your journeys. And another great thing is, you post it and you can always read and look back at it again. More power to your blog and have fun blogging.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yes exactly…it kind of an open diary that will be saved here forever or as long as I want it to be here.
      Thank you so much. Blogging is so much easier and fun with fellow blogger friends like you, Thanks for the support ! 🙂


  3. Harsha says:

    Wow Your idea to start a Blog came in after you came out from Bathroom..Yeh to Eureka moment ho gaya… 😉

    And Glad that you started a blog…. 😀
    It is surely a way to clam and make you happy.. 😀


  4. shanuwater says:

    Life confusions, I think a lot of us who blog and are not writers or novelist have started the same way, a need to vent and have someone see our emotions, when there is no one to hear them. Good Job # 202:)


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