Food sweet Food

Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?


The one thing I miss the most, when I’m away from home, is the freedom of eating food whenever I want!

When I’m out at somebody else’s place, I’m uncomfortable only because I can’t get food when I’m hungry. They just give you food only when they want…I’ve to rely on other people mercy to quip me with some food.
And I want food all the time!

I know what this sounds like…Like I’ve a eating disorder or something. I assure you, I don’t !
I’m as healthy as I can be.

I wanna eat all the time because I don’t eat with stomach full. I like to eat small meals with little intervals. So when I’m at somebody else’s house, I can’t just open their fridge and start eating stuff in front of them.


I’m very possessive about my food…lets admit it, Everybody is. Some are just better at hiding it!


Then there is the pull of “Free Food” !

I don’t know about other areas of the world but weddings here in sub-continent are a mayhem. Everybody wants to get their hands on free food. To be honest sometimes I’m motivated by the same reason 😀

In university if I ever take lunch with me due to busy schedule, This is what I do because my friends are animals. They devour my lunch, with no remains!

But cooking is not my forte !


Leftovers are heaven these days!

I guess my love for food is pretty evident now. Enough said !

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44 thoughts on “Food sweet Food

  1. charlypriest says:

    “They say you are what you eat….I don´t remember eating a sexy beast”
    Had a laugh at that one, I have to admit I´m guilty of opening the fridge in other people´s houses I´ll take a pickle here or some other little thing. They´ll come back and stare at the fridge for an eternity not knowing exactly what happen but knowing there´s something not right. So please don´t invite me to your home.
    That was a fun post, I have to read more of these.


  2. tlohuis says:

    Well, my dog has some bladder stones and her liver is enlarged. They just put her on some special dog food and some medication, hoping that will dissolve them and prevent surgery. He wasn’t too concerned about her liver, but went ahead and did some blood work just to be sure. The blood work will be back next Wednesday and we won’t know about the bladder stones for a month, once she’s taken the medication and been on the special dog food for a month.
    Just curious, why would people use these pings? Why don’t they just do what everyone else does? What’s the point? Excuse my ignorance, but I just figured it was spam and ignored it.
    I don’t know about this book writing thing. I’ve been told a million times by many people I should write a book about my illnesses. I just don’t think I have the talent to be writing any books, but who knows, maybe one of these days. I’m just in a dark place right now, trying to find my wise mind so I can get out of this funk I’ve been in. After 9 weeks of torture, one tends to give up. That’s one long flare. Then I’ve been having trouble swallowing, again, so I called my GI doctor. One of the things I have is Esophageal Motility Disorder. I’ve already had my esophagus stretched twice and the last time he said he stretched it to the max, couldn’t be stretched out any further. The swallowing has been getting worse and I don’t want to wait until I’m choking, again. I called them up and asked if the esophagus could shrink back and the nurse said, “oh yes, honey, most people with this disorder have to have this done ever few months”. Seriously? Would have been nice had they bothered to tell me that because I’ve been having problems for a few months now and was just figuring oh well, they already fixed it the best they can. Now I have to go back in next Thursday to have it done, again. It’s not a cheap procedure. They put you completely out to do it. Sigh…………………………………………………………….
    I also had physical therapy today because I’ve been in bed the better part of the past 4 years and have had some muscle atrophy and I’m just weak. Trying to build up some muscle and regain some strength. Probably just wasting time because I don’t know when I’ll be getting out of this bed, other than to go to doctor appointments. I need a new body. Do you know where I can find one of those? LOL
    I sure hope your doing better than I am.
    Tammy aka Wild Thang


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Oh I see, I hope she’ll get better soon enough !

      And ping is a way to increase traffic to your blog, I’ve heard some say. For example of I ping back a post to your blog, I mean link back and you approve it, the link of my post will show on your post as well. And If you haven’t checked out my post already you may now open the link and read it. Similarly you can do the same, you can ping back to my post and if I’ve not checked your post already I might open it up check it out. But it doesn’t necessarily assures increased traffic because most of the time people just ping back or approve the ping back without checking out the other post.
      I hope I’m clearing the point. I’m not that good at explaining stuff 😛

      And if its a spam it is automatically transferred to spam folder on your dashboard. Spam is not shown on the notifications. you have to specifically look it up in the spam folder.
      Also I think you can turn off the ping backs if you dont want others to link back to you and vice versa.

      And about the writing thing, you see you can write just the things you told me, about what nurses told you, how you are in a dark place, about the procedure. Everything you are telling me, its like a chapter of your book! 🙂
      You told me about the whole experience, you just have to write the same thing. Consider it like you are telling someone about your experiences. The dark side and not so dark side. goos days and the bad days.
      I’ve an idea, Write about your everyday, it can be two lines or three lines or a whole page, doesn’t matter. Just like you are telling me about your day. If you need help you can E-mail me If you’d like. I’d be happy to talk you through it. I’m not an expert or anything but every idea and opinion counts!

      I hope Physical therapy helps you out. I’m becoming one myself !
      I assure you, you are not wasting time, the progress can be slow but its worth it. Just Don’t give up!
      You have a great body, They will make it just as new 😀

      Have a good day! 🙂


      • tlohuis says:

        Okay, I still don’t get it about these pings and linking back and all that business. I just don’t get that kind of stuff and that’s okay. You don’t need to try to explain any further,it’s not your explaining, it’s my not understanding all this computer stuff.
        I appreciate your help for a book, which I will consider at some point. I must get to feeling better, first. I’m in so much pain, all over, I can barely move. Even typing this is difficult. I will keep it in mind, though.
        And, about these pings, my point here isn’t to see who can get the most followers. I started this blog as a place for me to get my thoughts out and its been very therapeutic, so far. I’m getting hundreds of followers and that’s great, but I’m not out to see how many I can get, know what I mean. It’s already like a full time job keeping up with the ones I have, which is okay because I have nothing better to do with my time. Have a great night. 🙂


  3. tlohuis says:

    Thank you for your kind words. A lot of people have told me I should write a book, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I have plenty of time, that isn’t an issue. Thanks again, for the award. Like I said I’ll get it posted, hopefully over the weekend. Can you please explain something else to me, I have no idea about what a ping back is. I’ve gotten responses saying they are awaiting a ping back from me and I didn’t know what it was so I just ignored it. You sound like an awesome person, I hope you stay in touch. You are very inspiring to me and those are the people I need most right now. Enjoy your day or whatever it is, wherever you are.
    Tammy aka Wild Thang 🙂
    Gotta leave now to take my dog to the vet, but I’ll be back on later. 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Well in that case you can get help from someone who knows about editing or writing a book. You should try if you have time and the resources. Whats the harm in it, no? 🙂

      And yes of course. I’m glad you find me worthy enough to ask for help. Ping back is a way to link back to someone else’s post. When you get a notification about ping back moderation you will see an “APPROVE” sign on your right. if you want them to link back to your post you can approve their ping and if you don’t want that you can simply ignore it or move to TRASH. All the options are given at the bottom.

      Thank you so much. You are too sweet, feelings are mutual ! 🙂

      P.S I hope your dog is fine !


  4. roseandlea says:

    So funny! I laughed out loud! Hahaha
    You are so right about food…I hate sharing. One time I was going through a drive through with a boyfriend and I was ordering a donut and a tea…he says he was only getting a coffee. I was like ‘No donut? Well you’re not having a bite of mine! Not one single bite!’ I know how that always goes down…person doesn’t want anything then see’s your delicious food and then thinks they can have a bite! Not happenin!
    So funny!
    Laura 🙂


  5. El Guapo says:

    When I’m away from home, my wife is what I miss most.
    As far as food, I know how to cook for myself, and have a pretty good stomach, so I can ignore the pain of a happy meal (which is usually harder on my pride anyway.)


  6. rommel says:

    Very very nice post. Very relatable to me too. I’m a fat guy in a skinny man’s body. I din’t get weight even though I eat a lot. I also in little portions but in many intervals.


  7. Harsha says:

    Lol….I guess you were even while writing this post.. 😛
    And yes Sub-Continent Marriages are like free food services…Everyone will just attend because for one day they will get to eat nice dishes for free.. 😛


  8. tlohuis says:

    What really sucks is when you have a disease called gastroparesis, eating is a chore. No appetite, what so ever. I can go all day and forget all about “needing” to get some food into my body. There’s also the nausea that is pretty constant, the abdominal pain to go along with it, the bloating, a sense of “fulness” after only a few bites, as well as some other unpleasant symptoms. I had a feeding tube for 9 months about 2 1/2 years ago and that really sucked because that thing was constantly infected, not to mention the fact it almost killed me going through that surgery in my very unhealthy state, being severely malnourished and dehydrated. I did survive, how I don’t know. I ended up with staph, cellulitis, and abcess the day after surgery and spent 18 days in the hospital that was supposed to be a 3 or 4 day stay. Have the surgery and be taught how to use the thing and how to take care of it. I ended up with 2 surgeries and almost dead. I pray I never need another feeding tube, ever. So, keep right on eating while you can. People tend to take things like eating, sleeping, breathing, going to the bathroom for granted. Eat your heart out and enjoy it every chance you get because you never know and we always think that “those” things only happen to other people and would never happen to me. Go for it, girl.
    Tammy 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Oh my god…such a bad experience. Are you okay now? I can’t imagine going through all that. You are so right, We take all the most common tasks in life for granted. My Mom always use to say “Thanks God for even using bathroom, for being able to smell, for being able to eat food”.
      Now I understand what she exactly means. Thank you for for sharing your story and motivating me with it. Thanks 🙂


      • tlohuis says:

        No, I’m not ok and I never will be. All the diseases I am afflicted with are forever. I have to learn how to cope, of which I am working very hard on. some days I cope much better than others. That’s life. It sucks to be me. All I can do is try to do my breathing exercises, meditation, and trying to stay in my wise mind, that’s all I can do. When I get a fairly decent day, rarely, I take full advantage of it and then it makes matters worse. You play, you pay. But, what other choice do I have? If I get a decent day, regardless of the consequences, I’m taking it because I’m going to be sick anyway. I’ll be alright. Just a lot of hard work to just be alright.
        Tammy 🙂


      • tlohuis says:

        Well, thank you so much for your kind words. Just a little secret between me and you: I’m not always so hopeful, but I do the best I can. Kinda in a rough spot right now.
        I would be honored to accept the versatile blogger award. I’m not doing so well at the moment, but I will add it to my list of others I haven’t gotten to, yet, but I will get to it, I promise and thank you for the nomination.
        Tammy 🙂


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