Writer’s journey

Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.


I’ve read many books in my life, some good and some not so good. I like reading but I won’t tag myself with “a person who knows a LOT about reading or writing” . I read for fun and write, for I want to get things off my chest and be a little free.

I’m not a writer by any means…yeah I write my diary sometimes but that is all ! I’ve not written anything of a great extent. This blog is the first platform I’ve ever written on. So I don’t know how to write as good as other amazing writers. So I’m just going to pay homage to them by mentioning their names and telling you how they affected me.

I remember the very first book I read, which made me a avid reader and taking it up as a hobby, It was R.L.StinesFear Street series” and “Goosebumps series” among his many other. I was 12 years old. Then I moved on to Sidney Sheldon. 
Then came the “Twilight series”….It was the new and famous thing on the market so Ofcourse I read it. I’m sorry to the haters but I LIKED the books. They were really good indeed. (but YES, The movies destroyed the real essence of the books and its story, I, Myself am their number one hater!)

There was a time I was more into thriller and mystery stuff but with time my taste evolved. The very first book which touched me and I cried while reading was “Leap Of Faith by Danielle Steel.(I loved its heart touching and heart breaking story about that little girl.)

After reading this book a door to flood of new genre of novels opened up to me. I read more of Danielle Steel’s novels and loved all of them.
I liked Marian Keyes and Jenny Colgan novels, they were non-fictional and fun to read. I had a good laugh while reading them as well.

I also have to mention “The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I don’t care what people say about it, this is one of my most favorite novels to this day. I loved how passionate and fiery every word was. I have to give hats off to Stephanie’s writing.

So this is it, I’m not a professional writer by any means. I just write random stuff. When I started writing I didn’t expect people to read let alone like my writing. I know this very well that I’m not as good as any writer out there and my writing isn’t worth a darn so I’ve to give credit to all the amazing readers(bloggers) who take their precious time to read my ramblings and support me.

Love you all.

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24 thoughts on “Writer’s journey

  1. KG says:

    +1 on the Twilight Series (I have lost track of the number of times I have had fights with my friends, especially guys, who HATE it and condemn me for LIKING it ). I was also so disappointed in the movies and particularly Robert Pattinson. I am yet to read ‘The Host’. Sort of staying away from paranormal romance for now after Twilight.


  2. sheenmeem says:

    Stephenie Meyer is my favorite writer too. I enjoyed her books. I didn’t like the movies based on them. Take The Host. It is a great story and I felt disappointed when I saw the movie. I have liked Sidney Sheldon’s books too in the past. Have you read Suzanne Collins’s books? The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay are her books. You may like them.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah me too…I think movies ruined the books 😐
      And No I’ve not read Suzanne yet but I’ve always wanted to read her books…I’ll be sure to give them a read when I get time.
      Thanks 🙂


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