My First Award

Terry (
had nominated me for my very first award…about a week ago actually but due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to tend to it.

First of all very thanks to Terry (sorry for posting it this late). Also thanks to her for considering me a part of this word press family:

She asked me to answer some questions, so here we go:

1-What is the very first thing you do when your eyes open in the morning?
Ans: I check out my mobile phone with one eye open and then contemplate if its worth going to university today. I assure you, Its a very hard decision that I have to make every morning.

2. What is the very last thing you do before you go to bed at nights?
Ans: Turn off the lights? but before that I read a book or listen to music or check out messages on my mobile phone.(As I don’t have time for it anyother time of the day)

3.What can scare the crap out of you faster than anything else?
People hiding behind the door or a wall to scare the bejesus out of me.

4-How old were you when you first fell in love?
Ans: Have yet to fall in love. Minor crushes, Yeah. But not really love.

5- Weren’t these questions easy?
Ans: Yes, they were!

Here are the people I’m nominating for this award that have embraced me in this word press family with open arms:


A Spoon Full Of Style

Shetall says

Aberrant Lady

Snippets Of This Life

My story to you..

Anyway I Digress

Crow Arrow, Inc.

Peace be upon you!

The One Thing I know For Sure

Shrouded by Darkness


Twinkling Star (Yasmeen Sana)


Platform 9-3/4


The Indecisive Eejit


My Travels with Depression

Here are rules and they are:
1. Ping back to the person who gave you the Award (Me)
2. Display the Award
3. Nominate 10 people you look to as almost Family here on Word Press”

Thank you to EVERYONE for their love and support. Taking their precious time to read my random ramblings and some personal stigma.
I appreciate all your comments, advice and suggestions 🙂

53 thoughts on “My First Award

  1. shetall says:

    Hey darling I have recently learned about what award is all about by BlogSpot however I don’t know how to display it . Can you help me cause I have clicked on widget and dragged image but it is asking me url. How do you do it and how should I do it . Please help me


  2. ranu802 says:

    I find your post very interesting. It is natural to think of going to school a waste of time.Later on in life you will realize,it was the best decision you ever made.I have some Pakistani friends who are really nice.I am from Bangladesh,have lived in Rawalpindi for a few years and loved the city.I still do.Have fun blogging!


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Thanks and yeah I know, the school part sounds hard but its for our own good.

      And wow, thats great to know, so you have some relatives here in Pakistan or what?
      Where are you living now?


  3. DarkOne says:

    Thanks for the nomination, it was very nice of you to do that and I do not mind displaying it. I have never worked with pingbacks so I have no idea how that works even though I know a lot about wordpress on a self hosted machine. Never really messed with them. Your site is on my blogs I follow list. 🙂


    • lifeconfusions says:

      You are very welcome 🙂

      And with ping back, You can simply paste my blog’s link and name. That’d be just fine.
      This award is all about who me and you consider our wordpress family 🙂


  4. Pingback: Awards
  5. shetall says:

    Congratulations darling. I don’t know how to ping back . I am logged on through my cellphone hence cannot see the pink back button and thank you for considering me your word press family. I am honoured. Love 🙂


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