My Hand is on fire !!!!!!!!

Today was a very slow day. Nothing as such happened…………..except my hand caught on fire (Okay Not Literally but figuratively) !

So the story is not that long. I woke up in noon, had breakfast/lunch and then went to help my mom and sister-in-law in the kitchen as they were making kabab . (just so you know I go into the kitchen very rarely but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to work…….its just that I never get the chance. And YES this is my excuse).
They asked me to cut some Green Chillies.
I brought 4 chillies from the fridge and started to cut them by holding it with my left hand and cutting it with knife in my right hand.
My left hand with which I was holding the chillies started to get all tingly but It was minor so I ignored it by washing my hands.

Then after some time it was like needles and pins were being inserted into my left hand. I didn’t make a big deal out of it, washed my hands AGAIN and waited for it to fade.


Oh my…Holy mother….of fire…!!!!!
My hand started to burn so bad….It felt like it was on Effing fire !!! (And believe me THIS time I’m not even over exaggerating )

What the…….’F’ man !

All the people who really know me, know this as well that I’m very strong,maybe not that much physically but mentally, I can bear pain without bouncing up and down like a monkey. I don’t make a big deal out of minor cuts and some blood drops. If I fall down I just get back up without caring for anyone to pick me up.

But these Effing chillies really got me this time. I washed my hands over a million times but still the burning wouldn’t go away.
Then came the time for trying out different things to subside this shitty burning.

First I put on some cream which was supposed to cool things up. It didn’t make much of a difference.

Then some Oil…It made the burning worst.

My sister-in-law suggested to put my hands in ice water, so I did

This is how I felt.
It stopped the burning………………but only momentarily. Because every time I got my hands out of water they would start burning again.

To make matters worse I touched my lips with my hands. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE, as my lips started to burn too.
Washed my lips  a thousand times which made them better.
Then I saw a prickly heat powder, I poured it up on my hand.

Holy shitttttt !!!!

If my hand was on fire before, now it was submerged into hot lava.
I was almost reduced to tears.  (My mom was like, It happens to me some times too, it’s not a big deal….YEAH RIGHT, you were never in the amount of pain I’m in now obviously !)
So…then I tried coconut oil and rubbing polyfax cream over it.

IT DID NOT WORK EITHER…..Mother of burning hell…..!!!! ( you can’t imagine the amount of swearing I was doing in my head)

What the hell was wrong with these chillies man???
It’s like they were specially imported from hell and Satan licked it and put his saliva on it himself !

Sorry Mr.Satan but I HAVE to blame you for this !

In the end, Nothing I did made the burning go away……

I just pursed my lips tightly together, held back the tears and waited for it to go away.

Damn you, you Effing chillies, damn youuuu !!!

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31 thoughts on “My Hand is on fire !!!!!!!!

  1. jessannseq says:

    Damn!That must have hurt like hell! I kinda had a similar experience with chilly powder getting into my eye.
    I know this is bad timing,but now I’m thinking of kababs! :/ Wanna go home!


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