My Musical Progression

Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder

Describe what it feels like to hear a beautiful piece of music or see a stunning piece of art.


The very first song that I can remember listening to was Hailie’s song by Eminem, which he wrote for his daughter Hailie.

I was very little then, 8 or 9 years old probably. I know I know it’s weird for a child to start her music listening career from Eminem. But lets face it that’s how it was for me. The reason? because my oldest brother was Eminem’s fan and he had all his albums, posters and stuff in his room. I was very close to him (although he was 11 years older than me) so we listened to songs together. Although at that time I didn’t understand a word he rapped in his songs (it was all blah jaba blah hala co co mama ca ca la la for me) but I don’t know why I just kept listening and eventually I started to understand them as well.

Then My very first favorite song (and surprisingly it still is) was MOCKINGBIRD by Eminem.
This is the song which is still very close to me even after 7 or 8 years. The very thing which I loved about it was that Eminem wrote it for his daughter. This is the fact that touched me very much then. I still remember I had a paper on which the lyrics to this song were printed and I used to take it every where with me and showed it to people as well so they would be inspired by it (Now that I look back at it I realize how stupid I was )
Here’s a link to its lyrical video if anybody wanna give it a listen:

I didn’t have a typical childhood musical progression, where you start from Barney and all the other children songs, then move on to more teenage stuff and then eventually adult music with all the swearing.
I actually had it the other way around. I started with “Eminem“, then progressed to “Hannah Montana” (currently known as Hammer licking and tongue obsessed maniac) and then there were the ever glorious days of “High School Musical” ! (if anyone still remember what that is?! Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, all the dancing and singing, anyone?)
In short I was in all that teenage shit (which these days is Justin beiber, One direction etc).

Though with time my music taste evolved. I was in much more mature phase. I liked very different music from others. A little slow, Sometimes a little ‘rock n roll’ and A little jazz maybe. I kinda listened to everything. I kinda liked everything as well.

But the very first song, I remember, which touched me after a very long period of time was Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. The feeling I got when I listened to it….AH!
This is the song I cry to ALL THE TIME.
Specially the part where he says “Give me love like never before, ‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more”
Even If I had stopped crying, this line makes me cry harder. This is true after all. We all crave for love and sometimes in harder times we crave MORE.

The other piece of music which took my breath away, when I listened to it for the very first time was “Breathe ME” by this musical genius, Sia.
The lyrics, the music, everything about this song is perfection. I think it describes all of us to some extent, all our insecurities, needs and longings.

(If you want you can also check out her other songs, such as “Bring me down” and “Lullaby” )

After these, there comes a long list of songs which inspired me, helped me and mesmerized me. But these two songs were a milestone in my music progression.

What about you? Which were the songs which totally shook you or swept you from your feet?

30 thoughts on “My Musical Progression

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    Reblogged this on Life Confusions and commented:

    DP challenge.
    Its quite a hard challenge, as I like a lot of songs. Its really hard to pick just one so I settled on the following songs (I know its cheating but Oh well I’m writing it so my rules?! )
    The songs I choose have been mentioned by me on my blog before but these are my favorites and as this challenge requires, I’ve to tell you about my favorites songs, lyrics and why I like them. So there you go. Thanks for reading ! ❤


  2. bert0001 says:

    All art, and certainly music, has the power of awe and silence, and inspiring to be in the moment of sadness, happiness or … SIA is great. She moves with her voice.
    From a forgotten past: “Erbarme Dich — J. S. Bach” always moves me, some version more than others. “O mio babbino caro (from Gianni Schicchi by Puccini) – Kiri Te Kanawa” also very powerful, and don’t ask me why, but “the girl from Ipanema” perhaps Amy whinehouse’s version and “Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues” will always bring me to another world. and then there is french and italian music too … “Joe Dassin – L’Été Indien” and “Mina & Alberto Lupo – Parole Parole” … 🙂 .. I can continue for a long time, one song seems to lead to another in a never ending chain.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yes very right. Music holds a power upon us that is unexplainable. And I’ve not heard about any of the music you mentioned. Now I’m gonna check them out for sure. I’m all up for being introduced to new music ! 🙂
      Thank you for taking time to comment 🙂


  3. DarkOne says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard of either one of those last 2 you posted. I liked Ed Sheeran’s song but Sia’s Breathe Me just totally spoke to me and now I must check out the rest of her music. I love music, I listen mostly to heavy metal of all kinds but I do like other things as well if to me it has a good arrangement and really good lyrics.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah, Sia is awesome you should definitely give her a listen.

      I don’t listen to heavy metal A LOT, but when I’m in the mood I can rock on with it 😛
      And same here, I kinda listen to every type of music as long as its good 🙂


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  5. bpnana says:

    See what getting older does? I forgot to give you the name. It’s Eva Cassidy. She does covers, and she isn’t really edgy, but there’s something about her. Give her a try. She might sound rather blah at first, but give her a chance. She’s soothing & worth listening to. (only my opinion).


  6. shreyapunj says:

    Love Sia, Eminem and Ed Sheeran!
    Check out Matchbox Twenty, Blue October and The Killers too!
    Great post, as always!


  7. bpnana says:

    A few bloggers know I grew up in a family of singers & musicians & I’m married to a professional musician & sang professionally beginning at 18. I’m not a youngster (63, but a youthful 63!), but Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Streisand, Broadway musicals and classical music, and some Jazz. I was 8 when I bought my first 45 record “The Book of Love”, a bit hit, in the day. Then it was the holy trinity “Beatles, Stones,Led Zepplin”, Elvis, Aretha, Motown. Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro (a friend), then I discovered alternative. I’m madly in love w/Jeff Buckley! He makes me cry, and Sia is one of my favorites. “Breathe Me” is great. “Diamonds”, “My Love”, everything she’s written and recorded. Check out her videos on you tube. All her previous albums (with Zero7) David Guetta the acid jazz, trip hop. She’s an incredible triple threat. Singer, Songwriter, Performer. And she doesn’t take her clothes off. She just sings! Thanks for the post. P.S. Try listening to all genres of music, not just what is put out on MTV or Billboard 100. There are many great artists out there who never became famous, but they have such talent. They are true artists, not bullshitters. Love To You! Nana xx


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Wow…You have such an incredible journey of music.
      And yes Sia is indeed very good.I’ve seen and heard almost all of her stuff.

      P.S I do listen to all kind of music…billboards and top 100’s doesn’t matter to me. You are very right, there are so many other great artists who don’t get recognition. But they deserve so much more.

      Have you listened to BEN HOWARD ???


      • bpnana says:

        I listened to one track. He’s very good!! Got what it takes. I’ll check out the rest when I get home. I love discovering people by word of mouth! Check out an unfortunately deceased singer (died age 33) who has the most beautiful voice. Never became famous,but now she’s gone platinum in the UK, States. Eric Clapton & Paul McCartney adore her.Feel free to email me anyone you discover!!


        • lifeconfusions says:

          Yeah you check him out, Hid tracks like “Depth over distance” , “Promises” , “Old Pine” etc. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
          Who is this singer you are talking about, her name?

          And sure. I will. I also keep posting music on my blog, you can keep checking there as well.


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