Opinion Needed!

Okay guys I need your opinion !

I want to know what kind of posts do you enjoy most on my blog ???

Those of you who have already read my blog before know about my humorous stuff as well as a little serious one.

But those of you, who are visiting for the very first time, You can find my humorous stuff here:


While my more serious stuff you can find here:


Please take a minute and take this poll, It’ll mean a lot to me!!!

Feel free to comment as well. I’ll be looking forward to your opinion !

Thank you !

7 thoughts on “Opinion Needed!

  1. charlypriest says:

    Both types of post zee, humorous and serious, I do it most of all because I´m scared of you though and think that if I read you I wont wake up with a knife to my throat,not like the other commentator when he gets a moment of peace he said.

    Forgot. Stop using the F word so much, fucking christ……


  2. DarkOne says:

    I just read what ever you post when I get a moment’s peace to read blogs here. I’ve liked everything so far. Maybe I am just not picky.


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