Cleaning up the “Junk”…..or atleast trying!

Daily Prompt: Clean House

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

Wow…what a co-incidence !
I was just cleaning up my room today and some of the things which my sister-in-law refers to as “junk” (but i refuse to believe so….! )

So the daily prompt asked about some of the Junk in my life and after cleaning up today, here is only a glimpse of junk that I’ve managed to keep in my room since my childhood! (And yes this is the junk that is present in my room after years of collecting them)

I’ve been meaning to clean up my room since three months, but every single time I put it on the next day saying I’ll do it tomorrow but that NEXT day and that  Tomorrow never came……until today…….!

After 3 months of putting it off i started to feel ashamed of myself. How lazy can a person be?
I must’ve broken some records of laziness !

Let me introduce you to some of the things that, I for some reason deemed USABLE and kept all those years or for days or months.

So this is a makeup kit which my friend broke about 4 months ago. For some unknown reason,4 months have passed but it was still sitting on my shelf.

Then there is this banana peel that was sitting on my computer table.(It has been here for five days, see the thing about me being lazy now?)


I have this CD player which doesn’t work anymore (actually it hasn’t been working since 2 years but i refuse to believe so, some day I’m hoping it’ll MIRACULOUSLY start working by itself )

My socks have taken refuge on my shelf as well (since 4 months as well).
These magazines are of about 5 years ago but I have kept them all this time because…………………………………………………… (There is no good reason for it actually)
Same goes for these lights, There beauty has prevented me from throwing them out as they are too pretty (although these doesn’t light up) !

I LOVE TO READ, I’ve had all these books which needed to be thrown out so this is me sorting them out  in piles.
So……the thing is……I’m still cleaning up….room is in the same state as it was 4 hours ago….
Your prayers and support is needed ! (So lets join our hands on this festive occasion and pray, Thank you! )

41 thoughts on “Cleaning up the “Junk”…..or atleast trying!

  1. Harsha says:

    Let me ask you one question Where do sleep with all these Junk as you mentioned taking up all you space in your Room.. 😉
    And BTW are you still cleaning your Room?


  2. charlypriest says:

    Good old CD´s, whatever happened to them…. now is all about i-pods, I don´t even know how they work, and I refuse to ever know. I´m old school on that. The make up?You can always use it one day, if it strikes you, as a painting tool, you´ll only need to buy a canvas.

    Now, a couple of things I have issues looking at this post. Socks on the computer? Jesus, plus they look dirty, come girl! unless that was a crazy night that you had with a boy and in the passion of the moment clothes started flying everywhere and you forgot, o.k. Other than that explanation is unacceptable. Your worst than me, but again you are younger than me, but again you write better than me,but again you write smarter than me, but again it´s inexcusable.

    Banana peel? That´s not it, that looks like charred wood. How is the smell in the room? Do you have any friends called monkeys!!! Get your act together and start cleaning. Don´t tell me you bring people to that dungeon, let alone boys. That´s a torture chamber.

    O.K, now I feel better. It´s your turn. You can criticize me now.


    • lifeconfusions says:

      Yeah, I wonder the same….CD’s, I don’t really buy them anymore probably because it’s easy to just download the songs.

      Wow, Good idea, I’m artistic type so will make something of it…Thanks.

      In my defense I become so lazy sometimes its frightening to even myself…so the socks just rested there for some time (by some time i mean 4 months ONLY)

      And I do feel sorry for the banana peel though…there is NO smell, okay ? 😛
      And my room is visually attractive, People LOVE to visit my room (Or at least that’s what i like to believe!) 😀

      Ummm…I’ll save my criticism for your next post 😉


  3. Yasmeen Baloch says:

    hahahahaha,yar completely like me,i always say i will rearrange my cloths in cupboard but i never do it ,:D 😀
    Thumbs Up Dude 🙂
    And badey badey shehron mey chotey hadsey hothey hain,hamari umar e kya hey
    Juxt chill Dear 🙂 😉


  4. gypsysoul.. says:

    oh. i dont feel so alone anymore heheh 😛 i shd say my house looks worse than this right nw :p infact i dont even know where to start. trying doing the dishes in the morning and the sinks already full by lunch 😛 sometimes its all so overwhelming ..


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