Sadness is a Blessing !


Sadness….such a sad word, isn’t it ?

This is one word that everyone on the planet can relate to because admit it or not we all have been sad in our lives more times than we can dare to count.
Sadness is like a dark fluffy cloud that can cover us with the hail of loss, thunder of despair and a flood of hopelessness and just like acidic rain drench us in the shower of sorrow ultimately leading us to the dark pit of depression !

I’ve been there, I think its safe to say that everybody have been there.For a long time I was naive and couldn’t see the reason of sadness. Why does God makes us go through such pain? Whats the point of it all ? I mean to be honest God is God and if He wanted, He wouldn’t make us go through all of it.

It took me a long time to realize that if we were always happy, if we always got what we wanted, what we desired , what we loved then we wouldn’t really appreciate it ‘cuz lets face it we are human beings, its in our nature to be unappreciative and ungrateful.

With us, its always “Grass is always greener on the other side”.
Even if we got what we wanted we would always spend our time admiring the OTHER SIDE no matter how damaged it is from up close.

So, to avoid all of it, I think God devised a plan to make us contended with our lives and to be happy with what we have. He invented sadness so when we became ‘Not Sad’ and happy we would appreciate his blessings. And I think His planned worked a 100 %. I hope i am not going out of limb to say this but i sincerely believe that, “Sadness is a blessing” !


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