I guess we all are misunderstood one way or another and the major reason for that is because we are selfish creatures.we are hardwired to think about only ourselves and our own survival in this world. We are judgmental , all we do all day long is judge others without a single glance in our own direction.

In our daily lives we come across many people who are usually really nice to us but once in a while they are rude too. They are…well not so nice at some moments . So rather than asking about whats wrong with them , the very first thing we do, is judge !

All we can think about is how dare he\she talk like that with me, i am so not going to talk to him\her anymore. I am going to treat him\her the same way from now on and so on…….
But just for a moment have we EVER stopped and thought to ourselves “if he\she’s treating me rudely today which he\she doesn’t normally do , there must be something wrong , God knows what he\she’s going through internally, i should stick around and make sure that he\she’s alright” . I don’t think most of us have ever done that. why ? Obviously because we are too self-absorbed to think about anything other than ourselves !

we want people to understand all our problems but we are not willing to do the same for them.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t change . As i said in my previous blog post, Change Is Inevitable and if we use this change to positively impact our lives, we can become much more caring and much more considerate of other people’s problems.

So next time if someone is rude to you, or more quite than usual, rather than taking it as a GO AWAY sign , stop for a minute and contemplate your decision about how you want to handle the situation . The easiest way to do that is to “Put yourself in other person’s shoes” and deal with the situation with cool head rather than like a marshmallow on fire !

Treat others in a way you want to be treated.


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