Change….is it a good thing or a bad thing ? Mostly a good thing from what I’ve heard and i think that it is…looking back i am definitely not the same person  i was four or five years ago…heck i am not even the same person i was 10 minutes ago (wait that counts for a personality disorder…) lets make it a week ago ! Change is a good thing as long as it puts a positive impact on one’s life and usually change does that…at least it has done that for me for sometime. I have definitely become a better person or at least i strive to be one and I’ve been as successful as i can be. i have become more forgiving and tolerant of lot of things. I don’t think i could’ve forgiven people for a lot of things before but i can forgive them now. But i am going through these strange changes lately which are making me feel suffocated , frustrated and alone ! I don’t know what i am becoming any more. Will these changes make me a much ‘better’ person or a ‘bitter one’ ? I don’t know who i am anymore and i hate it ! Before this, all the changes came naturally to me almost like it was part of the human evolution, i didn’t even realize it happening until it was over and the changes were evident in my personality but for the very first time i can feel these changes, changing me from the inside.And the worst part about it is that, i don’t know where is this gonna leave me in the end ? Lets face it, Change is inevitable, it cannot be avoided…we all have to go through it at any cost at some point of our lives. But the most important thing is that it depends on us, how do we come out of it ? Triumphant or Lost…..

8 thoughts on “CHANGE

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    Yes you are right. For me some changes were as a result of some bad things that happened to me and it was hard to see in positive light thus the feeling of weird changes i was experiencing. I was trying to fight it and for some time it left me confused but then i emerged with clear vision in the end =)


  2. IAMM3Z says:

    I don’t think change itself is good or bad. The outcome of change can be both good and bad depending on the situation. If you are changing to improve yourself than I would classify that as good. If the outcome of this change is something you don’t like or want to become you could always decide to “change” it by correcting whatever is having the negative impact on you.


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