Have you ever felt like saying something but finding yourself not being able to say it ? Well I’ve been feeling this way lately !

I think I’ve always wanted to say somethings that are on my mind since my childhood but i always find myself not being able to say them.The worst part is i just realized that now !

I’ve never felt the need because i never realized it, or more accurately,never Recognized it before … but now the feeling to say those things has struck me like a lightning bolt striking a barren land with nothing but empty space around it….absolute silence but just the sound of thunder rumbling , growling and wailing inside of me…..trying so hard to be heard .

Its nobody’s fault in particular that they don’t see or hear what i want to say so badly because lets admit it I’ve never said it !

How can some one hear you when you don’t even say it ?

But I’ve heard all the time that some people can understand you by just looking at you….by just a mere look they can tell whats wrong with you…Is it just a void concept with no proof or does something like this actually exists?

Does someone exist like that for me? Who’ll understand me by just looking at my face , in my eyes and recognize the cry in my silence ? Is there some one ?
I need to tell some one about the agony , the war going on inside of me but once again and as always…..i find myself……WITHOUT A WORD !

(The title of this ‘LifeConfusion’ is based on the song “Without a word” by Birdy )

2 thoughts on “WITHOUT A WORD

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